First Stop: Orlando, Florida | Spring Break 2017

If there is one place on Earth I will always anticipate on going, it would probably be Disneyland. There was one point in my life when my family and I would visit Hong Kong Disneyland every 6 months for 3 consecutive years. I got bored of it eventually and told my parents "enough is enough", but the happiness I get whenever I pass through the Sleeping Beauty Castle is something I truly enjoy and no words could ever describe it. Blame my parents for feeding me too much fairy tales as a little girl, because now my life revolves around daydreaming about my prince charming and the pursuit of true love! HAHA. It has been almost 2 years since my last Disney trip and I already miss it, so when my friends suggested we travel to Orlando for our spring break vacation, I was immediately on board.

We decided to travel to Florida for a week, spending about five days in Orlando and then heading on to Miami for the beach.  


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